A smooth beginning

At 08:15 the auditorium 1 in the chemistry department was completely full. 

The teacher used the first hour to introduce herself, welcome us, and talk about the structure of the course. The last 45 minutes were spent on a quick review of the basic concepts covered in high school. 
I am surprised that the teachers are so nice here. Really. They are happy to answer anyone’s questions and smile a lot of the time. In addition, they want our feedback about what could be improved to make the material easier to sink in. This was rather shocking to me. 
When I studied business at FEP (Faculty of Economics of Porto) nobody was encouraged to participate in class or visit the professors in order to clarify any possible questions. The professors actually seemed happy to have over 50% of us failing an exam. Completely the opposite attitude towards us, students.
In the afternoon I had biology and even more, people showed up. I guess there aren’t that many places available for us who want to study biology part-time.
Both subjects have group and laboratory classes. So we must be divided into groups due to the limited space available in the lab. Obviously there many possible schedules but for now all the full-time students have a group. 
The part-time students will be able to register tomorrow and will be put into the groups where there are still available places. I am a bit nervous about that. 
There is one group out of 5 in chemistry that really fits into my working schedule. Perhaps two out of 6 in biology. And most likely I will not be able to get them at first. I must wait until tomorrow and see what happens. 
Exams will be in December and determine 100% of the final grade. I like that! 
When there are many small tests it’s harder for me to digest the stress.
Registration takes place at 9 AM tomorrow. Crossing my fingers! 

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