2nd half of December

The last 2 weeks of December 2014 flew by.
What did I do?

  • Worked like a maniac in the first 2 weeks of December.
  • Spent Christmas in Portugal with my family.
  • Worked again like a maniac. 
Well… I managed to study until the 17th of December. After that, I didn’t touch a book. 
The first half of December my working schedule was heavy. Many night shifts in a row.
Christmas was spent in Portugal with my family. It was very good to see my closest family after such a long time (about 1,5 years). I managed to have some quality time with my closest friends but it wasn’t nearly enough to talk about all we wanted to. 
This was the first time that I felt like I was on holiday in my own country. Norway feels like home now. It’s strange, but I mean it. I missed my life here, my routine, my ‘Norwegian family’.
However, I don’t feel 100% integrated in Norway only for a reason. The language. I haven’t quite reached the level of fluency that I wish. But during 2015 I will work hard to get there. Otherwise, whatever people say about Norway, I love my life here. It’s not the paradise that many people think it is, but it’s closer to it than most of the countries in the world.
After Christmas, it was time to get back to Oslo and again. My working schedule is crazy until Monday. 
In the meanwhile, I have sent all my documentation to a Norwegian institution which will translate all my high school grades and tell me what my GPA is in the Norwegian system. Let’s consider my options when I get an answer from them. Until there the focus will be on studying.
Furthermore, I decided to reduce the number of hours I’m working every month. A hard decision since the job is well paid and the cost of living here is so high. But if I really want to make it to medical school, there will be a cost. Time. I can’t keep accepting so many extra shifts. They mess up my studying routine more than I’d like to admit. It’s hard to work almost full-time and study hard on top of it.
Life is full of difficult choices, right? But it doesn’t stop you to get what you want. So keep a positive attitude, be open to possibilities, and do your best at all times. Those are the requirements to go anywhere you want.
And I want to go to medical school.

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