Snow, fitness and dessert

What have I been up to the last days (instead of studying)?
I have been really good at cooking and training.

The grey colour has hit Oslo. It’s grey all they long. And then it comes again: darkness. However, the snow has finally come this winter and it helps so much at night. Everything is so much brighter. Love it! Snow is so special to me. Probably because we don’t have any in South Europe (except on top of some high mountains).
Since I don’t like grey any more (I used to do when I was younger), I do my best to ‘colour up’ my days. 
For some reason, I have been trying to deal with my own worries by running at the gym, trying a lot of new recipes, playing squash with my friends, relaxing on the couch… Keeping myself busy helps me to cope with more challenging emotional states.

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