Yesterday at exactly 9:00 AM as I was trying to enrol in chemistry I got the following message on the screen of my computer: ‘There are no available places in this course.’
When it comes to biology I couldn’t even try to register. 

After some calls, I understood that chemistry class was full and the biology department wants part-time students to contact them directly instead of applying like we are supposed to. 
Nevertheless, the staff working in the biology department fixed my situation rather quickly. So I got my spot in biology yesterday.
What about chemistry? Well… I got it this morning! 
Someone didn’t want it and I took it. Of course that I didn’t get the lab group I wished for. However, until the 1st of September, it’s possible to change my group. I just need to find a student willing to exchange with me. Luckily, not even that.
Now I am trying to get the books needed for both subjects. And they’re not cheap at all.
At Oslo University is possible to ask for an exam in English. Norwegian is used in class though. All in all, I think it’s really good to have that possibility. 
I am still amazed by the kindness of the staff working there. And the teachers. So humble.
So it’s official: I am a student at Oslo University! 

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