Refreshing March

March has finally come. The toughest winter months in Oslo are usually December, January and February. 

The days are clearly getting longer and the sun comes up a little more often. Just a little.
The snow was gone during the last week of February. Just when I was starting to believe that I could use my sneakers outside: BAM, the snow hits me in the face! 
Yes, the first day of March has been a snowy day. More of a drizzle at some point. A grey and sad Sunday. Not really an invitation to take your pyjamas off.
Even though the weather was whispering to me ‘Lie in bed the whole day!’, I manage to take my first run (of 2015) outside. I ran about 5kms, if not a little more. It was cold, dark, windy and at some point, my nose was running so much that I had to breathe through my mouth. Despite all the discomfort, I loved the workout.
Running makes me feel so free… I need to be so focused in order to complete the distance I commit to, that I forget about anything else. Sort of a meditation session for me, if you’d like.
Hopefully, I will be able to do it outside more often (it really depends on the weather). I’m kind of sick of the gym for some reason. The air, the machines, people right next to each other… I’ve had enough of that. 
March has come and gave me perhaps the extra kick that I needed to wake up from my hibernation. Remembering that 2015 may be the maturation year. The year when I really prepare myself for the next big challenge: medical school
Probably the last year before I find my real purpose in life. Because what I am looking for in medicine is a purpose. A purpose that can make a positive impact on other peoples’ purposes. This is what it is all about.
Do I like my job as a Personal Assistant? 
– Yes, I do. 
Do I love my job?
– Yeah, for the moment.
Do I imagine myself doing the same thing in 10 years?
– No way. Not even in 3, how about 10.
What’s missing then?
– So many things. The knowledge that I am so hungry for, the problem-solving aspect of the medical profession, the surprise factor associated with every single shift at the hospital, the fast-paced working hours, the understanding of the human body, etc. 
Fascinating! My heart fails a beat when I think about it all: the dream. My stomach jumps in excitement while my lungs expand greatly in order to make my brain realize ‘Awesome! But remember one thing at a time.’. 
What about getting back to the office and use your economic background?
– Boring! Don’t even dare to think about it.
Any other possibilities?
– Unless that possibility is travelling the world for years, I can’t come up with another profession that could possibly fulfil me as an individual. Even then, I think I’d get bored at some point. Travelling is amazing but if you do it every day, it kinda loses the interest after a while.
It’s almost 2 AM. I need a good night sleep before I wake up and head to the library. Yes, tomorrow (or today really) I will study in the library.
Sleep well guys.

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