Pernille Donbæk

It is Pernille Donbæk’s turn. Yes, you have guessed it. Lise and Pernille are indeed sisters. Let’s find out more about her.

Name = Pernille Donbæk.

Age = 26.

Country of origin = Denmark.

Languages = Danish, Norwegian, English.

Favourite restaurant in Gdansk = Piwna 47.

Zodiac sign = Taurus.

1 – What motivated you to study medicine?

I have always loved to learn about how the body works and how different diseases affect the normal state of the body. Also, I love the fact that I get to help people with problems they are not able to handle themselves.

2 – Why did you choose Gdansk?

I was actually supposed to study in Budapest but based on the fact that Gdansk is cheaper and located close to the ocean changed my mind.

3 – What do you like the most about the city? Is there anything you would like to see improved? 

I always tell my friends back home that they just have to see the city for themselves, because once they do, they just fall in love with the small and cosy streets and restaurants. I also love the fact that we have the chance to visit the beach, the few days we have time. Haha. In addition, I love that the city is trying to be so open-minded and easy-going compared to other cities in Poland.

Things I would like to see improved? A better offer when it comes to gyms! Here they are too small and crowded.

4 – Have you studied anything else before you started medicine? 

Yes, I have a bachelor degree from Norway. I studied for three years at the University in Oslo to become a biomedical engineer. I started to study medicine directly after because I realised whenever working in the hospital I was constantly looking at what the doctors were doing. Besides, I never felt fully satisfied with the fact that I was supposed to start to work after those three years.

5 – What are the things you wish you knew before medical school?

That things work out if you just work hard and do your best and that I would get to know some of the most amazing people down here. The students you get to share 6 years with truly become your family. Remember that everyone is in the exact same position as you, feeling alone in a new country, stressed about school and perhaps also very excited about becoming doctors in 6 years! So share your feelings and get to know your fellow students, because you are going to help each other on the way.

6 – What was your favourite subject so far? What about your least favourite? Why?

Biochemistry in 2nd-year was my favourite subject. I also liked histology from 1st-year. Why? Because I love getting into details and understand exactly why things are the way they are.

My least favourite subject was Embryology. No secret that I’m not going be a paediatrician. Haha. I just don’t find it interesting.

7 – What is the hardest thing about being a medical student?

Probably the pressure of constantly having to perform in school. You have to stay ahead and study hard to feel in control. But it’s only during the first three years. After that things get a little easier. Once you are used to it, it just becomes a part of your daily routine.

It probably took me 6 months to figure out exactly how to study the subjects from 1st-year and what methods that worked the best for me.

8 – What is the number one tip you would give to a freshman?

Find friends that you can be yourself around, who you can talk to and have really good fun with! Also get to know people from other years, they have after been through the subjects and will be happy to help you.

9 – What do you usually do during your study breaks in order to relax?

What do you mean by study breaks? What are those? Haha. Just kidding. I usually watch movies or series – which can be dangerous because somehow you end up spending Sundays on the couch watching entire series and not knowing in what planet you’re on after that. Trust me, it happens. I also try to cook with friends, which can be used as a nice break to focus on something else.

10 – Have you thought of any specialities that might interest you?

I would love to become an anesthesiologist.

11 – Complete the sentence. I would not have survived the first two years of medical school without… my sister. I am truly grateful for having my little sister in Gdansk with me. Furthermore, the amazing friends I’ve gotten down here. They get you through the day and you can celebrate together. 

12 – Which disease would you choose to eradicate today?

Perhaps not a disease. I would rather be able to find a way to get rid of resistant bacteria instead. 

13 – Which superpower would you like to have?

To fly! So I can visit my family and dog back home in Norway every day.

14 – Which holiday destination is at the top of your list?

Australia. I love this country and I want to move there after medical school.

15 – Do you have any dream you would like to share with the rest of us?

I dream of becoming a doctor, which is the only goal in my life at the moment. This might sound like a bad cliché, but I don’t know what I would do If I wasn’t studying medicine in Gdansk. I love this place and the people down here. I will be happy on your behalf if you make the same choice and choose Gdansk to study.

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