Mytomatodiary – the transition

The Pomodoro technique has been of good help since I started studying.
In the beginning, I struggled with study efficiency and lost focus quite easily. When I heard about this technique I felt like giving it a try and indeed it helped.
With some training, I have reached a point where I can be focused for about 40-50 minutes.

This makes it difficult to count for all the pomodoros accomplished. Besides, I am more concerned about studying the topics coming up on the exams rather making the goal ‘studying a certain amount of time’.
Whenever I am running my goal is to accomplish a certain number of kilometres the fastest I can. I’m not committing to a 30 minutes run, for instance. Do you get the idea?
Is it important to keep track of the time I put into studying? Not really for now. It’s more important to cover the material in which I will be tested.
So, what am I trying to say? Well… Mytomatodiary will not really include the number of pomodoros completed from now on. I want to make it more about what I am reading and not how long I am reading.
Time will be still a fun variable to keep track of though. I won’t let you in the dark. What about weekly updates on the time I’m spending on each subject? 
P.S. – I’m using the app Timesheet to help me on keeping track of all the info.

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