Mytomatodiary #37

10th of November

Total number of tomatoes: 6
  • Chemistry: 4 [Formal Charge; VSEPR Theory; Hybridization] = It was a video marathon since I watched almost all the videos of the week in a row. But since this was not the first time that I was being exposed to the material, it’s okay. 😉
  • Human Physiology: 2 [GI track review] = I watched one or two videos just to remember the most important concepts.
I remember that the pressure in my head was increasing during these days. I didn’t want to take the physiology exam before I was feeling good about it.
Steinar went to the hospital. Therefore, I worked in the biggest Norwegian hospital (Ullevål sykehus) on the 10th, 11th and 12th of November. Poor Steinar. He stayed there for about 5 days. They took him to the hospital because he didn’t defecate for many many days. After a couple of weeks, he had a belly bigger than a pregnant woman about to give birth. It got to the point where he started to feel disorientated and very confused. He wasn’t clearly well
Those 3 nights when I worked with him were probably the saddest moments I’ve had in a long time. It’s very hard to see someone suffering so much and not being able to communicate at all. 
Fortunately, everything is good now. 
He’s back in his room at the rehabilitation centre where I work. And I am working night shift until Monday. 

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