Mytomatodiary #35

8th of November

Total number of tomatoes: 5
  • Biology: 3 [Photosynthesis; Light-Dependent Reactions; The Calvin Cycle] = This has been a tough topic for me to cover. It’s hard to get it at first. But you’ll get it just fine as long as you insist on understanding it. Super interesting though. I remember learning in elementary school that plants produce oxygen for us to breathe. However, I had never understood if we gave plants something back. Today I can answer: yes, we do give them carbon dioxide. They use carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) to produce carbohydrates. As a byproduct, they release oxygen (O2).
  • Human Physiology: 2 [Acid-Base Balance] = The last videos of the course are watched. Now I need to review everything and do the final exam. That’s gonna be fun (being ironic) 
Friday was a strange day. I was drained after a day running from one place to another. When I finally made it home, I couldn’t sit down with a book in front of me. I was drained physically and emotionally.
Sometimes we just need a break. I guess.
I’m trying to not feel bad about it. It’s too late to do something about it now anyway. 

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