MyTomatoDiary #1

This is an attempt towards a more productive and effective daily life! 

Just the fact that I am giving it a try to change makes me feel really good about myself.


Total number of tomatoes: 9
  • Norwegian Language: 5 [Grammar, Reading, Writing] = Feeling good.
  • Human Physiology: 3 [Homeostasis & Basic Mechanisms] = A lot more makes sense now.
  • Codecademy: 1 [JavaScript .push()] = STUCK! I can’t figure out what is wrong with my code.
The deadline for the physiology examination on Coursera is Monday 29. And I have a whole new world of material to cover… It doesn’t look very good but I am going to give all I can in order to keep up this time. This is a really good premed course and I don’t want to be waiting for it to open again. 
Tomorrow the day is already full of action. Meetings, Norwegian classes, night shift with Steinar… The bed is calling me!
Good night!

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