The shortest month of the year

I know you all know it. February goes fast. Way too fast. 
What have I done lately in terms of reading?

The positive: Chemistry I is almost all covered (Chemistry for Dummies is an awesome book). One more chapter and I’ll be done with it.
The less positive: I haven’t really read any Physics yet. But that’s about to change. From tomorrow there will be no excuses.
This entire week I will be free of distractions. All my friends are gone (travelling) and I just had my last night shift today, meaning I’m free for the next 6 days. 
Focus, focus, focus! My brain can’t help repeating the words.
In the meanwhile, I visited one of my best friends: Carina. I met her when I was attending driving classes. It was a sunny day and just when she was leaving the classroom I made some casual talk and invited her for coffee. Since then we’ve been very good friends.
All my close friends are very good at something that I am not. I guess they compliment me in different ways. Carina is the artistic/alternative piece of cake that I wish I could bake.
She is living in Lommel, a little town in Belgium (close to the Netherlands). It was so good to see her again. I really enjoyed my time around her. We talked as if there was no tomorrow, watched movies together, sang while she was playing the guitar, played quiz games, had tea and cookies a couple of times a day, drove her car while joking and recalling funny situations from the past, etc.
I hope to see you soon Carina!
I came back from Belgium last week and started working with Steinar right after that. Until today morning. Reading is not as nearly productive when I work at night. That’s why I should really take advantage of my free days to go ‘all in’.

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