Exams are over

All the grades are out now. 

I was missing the second part (written) of the chemistry exam but the result came out last Saturday. I got a 4 and I was happy with it.
The only grade that really bothers me is physics. But I’m not discouraged, at all.
I can’t tell whether I am going to retake it or not. It will be necessary if I want to apply to medical school in Norway. However, in order to do it, I would have a different mindset. I’d have to pay a huge bill for the exams, and most likely to wait a little longer for my spot in medical school.
Right now it just feels good to be done with all my exams and to have passed all of them. One step closer to medical school!
I am finally ready to enjoy the summer to the fullest! I really want to make the most of my time with people who are important to me because this is the best time to experience life in Scandinavia. People are usually more willing to go meet, they smile and talk more often, etc.
The vibe is completely different. Once we get to September, oh boy. Everything goes downhill from here. So let’s enjoy the moment!

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