EEP – Day 8

Half of the day was spent sleeping. After all, I worked all night long.

I met Matilde at the university at 19:00.
We did 2 entrance exams (1 biology + 1 chemistry). 
Right now it feels that our problem is the biology part of the test. The physiology questions can be very tricky and since I haven’t reviewed anything for so long… I remember pretty much anything. Sadly.
Then you are asked about a certain genetic disease and you must know what the cause is (a deletion of a gene, an exchange, etc.). Again: very tough questions for someone who hasn’t read much about genetics. 
The final result of both tests was absolutely positive. We failed 3-4 questions in chemistry and 4-5 questions in biology (of a total of 20 each). Pretty good considering that we haven’t yet covered Mitosis or Meiosis. 
We left the campus around 23:00. It was a productive study session and I’m happy that we managed to keep the motivation so high. 
There is light at the end of the tunnel after all. And where there is light there is hope. 

Rainy days

Living in the dark


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