Chemistry is fun

Today I felt the kick I need to start reading.
I have finally started and I am happy about that.

From now on my plan is to study 2h on my working days and 4h on my days off. It sounds a fair amount of time to me. Intervals of 45min-60min focused on a subject (biology, chemistry or physics). 10min-15min break. Back to the books again. And so on.
I am so eager to get a deeper understanding of chemistry. The material is really interesting, in my opinion. 
When I was in high school I didn’t have chemistry at all. But I heard many science students complaining about how hard chemistry was: too many formulas, too many maths in it, etc. 
The level of maths required to do well in chemistry is quite basic, to be honest. 
Today, studying the subject on my own, I don’t agree with the bad reputation that chemistry has among students.
Chemistry is fun, interesting and challenging. But sure, you need a brain. So, if you don’t even give it a try, don’t complain about it.

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